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Эстонский язык

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industrial recycling reservoir / industrial recycling tank / industrial recycling container
Язык: Эстонский   Знание языков: Носитель языка, В совершенстве, Свободно
Janar Leas:  Tööstuslik taaskäitlus säiliti /
tööstuslik taaskäitlus mahuti /
Tööstuslik taaskäitlus hoidla

Janar Leas:  These are literal and formal translations without me knowing additional context (are they meant to be synonyms; how much the distinction matters).
If distinction isn't as important and a container/tank (for liquids) in general is desired, I'd recommend to use: mahuti, paak, hoidla — provided in order of preference. There actually exist reservuaar/tank/konteiner/broiler - but their meanings much more nuanced and limited.

For some reverse proof checking:
“Säiliti” comes from “säilitama”
“Mahuti” comes from “mahtuma” (common alternative for "mahuti" is “paak”, but bit odd for a handful of dialect speakers, to whom "paak” translate first as «lighthouse»)
"Hoidla” from "hoidma"

In the photo you had: «progressing tank», which would be either “käitlus paak” or “töötlus mahuti”.
«control panel» is "juhtpult" and «main control panel» “peajuhtpult” respectively.

Janar Leas:  Sorry, the response is via phone and tried to provide quick answer (I can't think of scenario where provided translations for the request would suit) - I'm actually too busy at the moment. When I get more time, I try to give it a more effort.

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