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Yesterday, a man named T. G. was arrested under the charge of gender-based violence. The suspect is accused by the police of stabbing his partner and attempting suicide by jumping to his death from a third floor. He smashed into a roof car and, as a result, he broke some bones and had scratches, but saved his life.
When policemen arrived to the apartment for an outlook, they found on the bed the corpse of A. G. , her partner, with whom he lives there for three years. Reportedly, neighbours heard nothing but just the big thud. The man was not denounced by abuse before and there was no restrainin­g order.
Now he is recovering in ward and it is supposed to be discharged in two days. Then he will be take to declarate before the magistrate. He will face a trial charged with murder with the aggravatin­g circumstan­ce of gender-based violence.
I strongly believe that he would made to pass the rest of his life on jail. I can’t suppose that barrister could find anything extenuatin­g this felony, but he will try. It’s his job.
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