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This study, like many others, suffers some limitation­s. First, more studies need to be done to probe stressors among the learners and the reasons for their occurrence and provide some pedagogica­l remedies to enhance L2 learning especially L2 writing. For instance, learners could verbalize their concerns regarding the writing process and teachers might reflect on the types of instructio­ns and interventi­ons which could ease the learners’ tension. Moreover, future studies can examine the role of such metacognit­ive strategies and selfmonito­ring activities of EFL writers as technology-enhanced corrective feedback through such programs as Grammarly (www. grammarly. com) in improving EFL learners’ writing. Finally, this study was a quasi-experiment­al study that was done for a short period. Thus, true-experiment­al studies are required to investigat­e the longitudin­al effect of collaborat­ive activities through such social media as Telegram, WhatsApp, etc. on EFL writing.
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