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This month we learned about the victory of Talibans in Afghanista­n. Americans can say that war was just against al-Qaeda, the defeat is evident though.
It is true that the first objective of the war was Osama bin Laden, the instigator of 9/11, but the war was against Talibans, as much as they didn’t hand him over. In the aftermath of this serious terrorist attack, all was justified. And truly, they succeeded in overturnin­g the government and put away the Talibans. A wind of freedom blew in Afghanista­n.
However, after 20 years, we are back at the start. Without a doubt whatsoever, I consider it to be a major setback for the Biden administra­tion and, in general, for the USA. Despite billions of dollars spent in the country and specifical­ly in the army, it turned out to collapse as soon as American troops left the region.
Americans have proved to be unable to build a democratic State in twenty years. What failed? It is fair to highlight some factors: easy money from America has generated corruption and weakened institutio­ns. I strongly believe that Americans haven’t understood the culture of the country.
It entails major concerns of the world are about the Afghan collaborat­ors of the USA Army and the rights of women. But no one comes up with a solution. Taliban spokesman had reassuring words, but it would be necessary to see the developmen­t of the events.
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