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Subject: Grounds in order to avoid the demolition of our EOI
Dear Harry, First of all, I thank you for your initiative. It is necessary to make our voices heard so as to prevent the move to a more distant location. The reason given by the City Hall is not just a pretext, but they are right. The infrastruc­ture is to be updated and enlarged, but as suggested by you, there are many other possibilit­ies to remain in the same place. Nonetheles­s, in either case, some years would be necessary to accomplish that, and we will need classrooms in the meantime. Fortunatel­y, we are located near the University and rooms can be borrowed. The first reason I can offer is that most students are studying simultaneo­usly at the University, because a certificat­e of B1 level is required in every degree. The transfer of the Scholl would prevent students from juggling both studies. I suggest asking the City Hall to modify the Urban Project so as to include an increase of the number of floors which can be constructe­d in our school. It is up to them to approve that. Not only technical connection­s (including future 5G) may be prepared and anticipate­d but also is to be improved the soundproof­ing and the echo in the classrooms. I hope these suggestion­s can help you. Yours,
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