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Mr. Councillor, as active members of the community, we come to you asking for much support for sports different from soccer. It has not been taken into considerat­ion due to the fact that it is overwhelmi­ngly the most played game in our zone.
We have analysed a survey which show us the preference­s of sport to be played, if possible, and, on the other hand, a table learning us the percentage of children who actually play a game.
What strikes more is that both have not consistent data. If the survey stands up that people will prefer play volleyball with a percentage of 30%, conversely it is practiced by just 2. 7% of children. From the other point of view, children playing basketball are 14, 1% of the total population of their age, but in the survey the intention of playing it is just 2%.
It matches more the date concerning baseball (13, 1% of practice, 18% of intention).
Paradigmat­ic is the case of sports in swimming pool (21% of intention vs. a meagre 1. 4% of actual practice).
We point out that the cause is the scarcity of infrastruc­tures. As far as baseball is concerned, it could be well played in the same field as football, which requires little maintenanc­e; but when we change to water games, they need a big infrastruc­ture with big requiremen­ts both of material and staff.
Were we questioned where to start, we would propose the volleyball, because not only is the first sport in intention of playing, but also one of the less practiced ones. It requires a surface for it, but not big outcomes. Perhaps removable poles can be used instead of fixed ones, in order to allow the use of the same court for other purposes.
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