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Last they word can function as a single entity so that's why many persons feed the blumarble distance that's why it's so important and this is a paper very recent review will next okay it is about this studio system starts you can see the reference desk perhaps you could you can also download the paper right it's very interestin­g and there is a timeline guidelines once called you organisati­on later the critical in developing pending the undergrowt­h versus science community the key publicatio­ns for persistent signs and the events that were key and I want to bring your attention this one the Gaya hypothesis by James Lovell do you know James Lovell can this guy ipotha sis please outdent James Lovell of news the iPod this is so Gaya can be in a way AP to mix it like that that is Gaia is a connectivi­ty made by leaving and leaving parts of components of those and the idea of James Lovell and lead by bullies was that early set complex system of interactin­g living and living parts there can be totally single orbs that works as a single element incense that is autoregula­ted okay so life contribute to regulation methods so we we re start thinking of the biosphere and the other skills learn as something that our component of the same system that are interactin­g in a deep way made their parts of the same system that was can be treated as a as a normal and so if we if we do them Aston Organism we can make Physiology we can think of earth as another police and we can make Physiology this was the idea or not as a matter of fact but you can see here that many years said earlier before the guy there was something quite similar about the interactio­n between life and the solid and gases part of her that is what was formulated by this Russian scientist it is bloody bernosky how many of you have heard about her now no I was pretty sure as another of the western world was not aware of the signs or when asking because it was written in Russian then it was translated to French and then only in the 70s it was known in the younger Saxon word in English but do you say because it was probably the most famous Goku and so in our Congress that is the European the Congress of the European there science union that itself every year in general we given medal the matter to the best geochemist­ry most famous geochemist is there na ski and then asking probably sitting 1926 so almost 50 years before the guy italics is this book biosphere and that he made a picture of the difference fears that interactio­n earth angle was even arriving to another very important concept that is even younger angry concept of Gaia is the concept of the anthropoce­ne have you ever read about young this is another well let's say the concert
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