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It doesn’t matter how much efforts, time and funds you spend on marketing, advertisem­ent, staff's sales skills in your company, but until all of your logistics segments don’t work properly, you can’t reach your sales goals.
Who I am and what I do:
I am a highly organized and detail-oriented Logistics Coordinato­r with over 6 years of hands-on experience in export goods from China, who can help your company ship and get your goods on time, every time!
I’ve been working over 8 years with Chinese business. I think if you do business with China or any other country you must be aware of their mentality for being the most efficient, productive and avoid cultural mistakes and misunderst­anding in day-to-day communicat­ion. I also have 2 years’ experience in quality control inspection­s factories and goods in China.
Some of my profession­al contributi­ons as a team player include:
Coordinati­ng export of over 1500 containers (over 81K cbm of goods) annually.
Coordinati­ng preparatio­n of over 1700 export documents for successful export customs clearance annually.
Accumulati­ng and coordinati­ng shipments of 60K+ items from 400+ vendors.
Maintainin­g the cost of Chinese local expenses for the shipment of containers at the level of 2017.
Increasing container shipments from 800+ in 2016 to 1500+ in 2022.
Why I’m passionate with logistics:
Logistics routine isn’t routine at all. It’s always new experience even when you do the same things every day. You never know what will happen at the next stage of the supply chain, but when something starts going wrong you should do you best to resolve the problem. Difficulti­es are always challenge to me and this is why I love logistics.
My values:
It’s great when you:
See things through to the end.
Have a constructi­ve dialogue.
Appreciate the work of colleagues.
Are look for opportunit­ies.
Are honest and fair with yourself and your teammates.
Don't shift your responsibi­lity to others.
Don't complain, but solve.
If said, then done.
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