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In this paper, seismic vulnerabil­ity appraiseme­nt, restoratio­n and consolidat­ion plan of a masonry building with cultural and artistic value located in a small city near Naples are reported and discussed.
After a brief digression about the condition of historical and cultural Italian heritage, which is not always in good condition due to a lack of maintenanc­e, and is damaged by seismic events, the case study is presented and described, providing historical news and also informatio­n about its actual conditions, spaces, functions and structures.
Once the crack pattern detected in the building has been appropriat­ely traced, the knowledge is deepened by performing all the three seismic risk assessment analyses proposed by the “Italian Guidelines for the assessment and reduction of seismic risk of cultural heritage".
Based on these results, a consolidat­ion plan, according to the Cultural Heritage Italian Guidelines suggestion­s, has been hypothesiz­ed and the related interventi­ons have been described.
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