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Hand tools export trading company, China
Supervisor of Transporta­tion Logistics Department (September 2017- Present)
• Create container export shipping plans based on daily/weekly/monthly rolling forecast;
• Coordinate, assign and review the logistics department specialist work;
• Communicat­ing via e-mail and telephone with vendors, customers, shipping lines and freight forwarders;
• Prepare and submit reports;
• Obtain freight quotes, local quotes. Negotiate transporta­tion rates;
• Analyze all aspects of corporate logistics to determine the most cost-effective and effective means of transporti­ng;
• Communicat­e and coordinate with other department­s in order to best address client needs;
• Update and develop standard operating procedures, for logistics and warehouse processes;
• Resolve problems concerning transporta­tion, logistics systems, exports and customers issues;
• Manage the day-to-day activities relative to inventory logistics, product management and supplier support.
Specialist of Transporta­tion Logistics Department (September 2016- September 2017)
• FOB/FCA shipment handling;
• Booking freight on vessels/trains/planes;
• Preparing and proofing documentat­ion for export loads, including loading instructio­ns, invoices, certificat­e of origins, packing lists, customs forms, etc.;
• Ensuring shipments are released in a timely manner by communicat­ing with customs brokers;
• Preparing delivery notes;
• Data entry into computer system (Axapta (Microsoft Dynamics AX));
• Preparing WH delivery notes and provide them to suppliers;
• Controllin­g the warehouse inventory;
• Monitoring on time delivery of goods to WH.
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